Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Context Clues

Hopefully I was not the only one but I really struggled with the whole "context mapping". I understand that context mapping is essentially a way so show the systems you are involved in, how you interact with them, how they expect you to interact with them but from looking at the examples posted it looks like just major roles that play into your life and the sub systems that come along with that role. As much as mine is not really a map I think it is A) because my skills doing it on a computer are awful, 2) I still struggle with identifying the major systems within my life, and 3) struggle still with finding my role and what I want my role to be vs what others want my role to be. I chose for mine to create a system of colors showing what is positive (green), a struggle (yellow), neutral (blue), and conflict (red) and chose the most influential aspects of my relationship with that larger system. I really hope we do this again in class and have more time to reflect on these.

As for the major identities they are achieved, foreclosed, moratorium, and diffuse.

A foreclosed identity is when someone chooses something without exploring other alternatives which is why I feel there is so much conflict between me and my family because I choose not to be an extension of them.

An achieved identity is someone who is just comfortable where there are with their identity. I feel that that is something that the systems you work within help you to achieve and are also accepting of your other identities.

A diffuse identity is is when you constantly change from one thing to another to suit your identity based upon your environment. Fashion and clothing are great examples of this or even sports.

Lastly, a moratorium identity is when someone is afraid to commit to their identity. I think this is something that is not easy to do because of the environments within the systems they preside in.

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  1. Hey Dennis, I stumbled upon your blog! Im from the Friday section and found your context map to be really interesting! It made me think of other ways that context maps could be used! Keep up the good work!

    Take care, Megan