Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Ecosystem

First My Words

Image result for batman vs superman1) Adversary-important-I feel like this is important because we see and adversary as a rival and not always in a positive way when having an adversary can actually be quite healthy.

2) Collaboratively-important-we need to work with not against

3) Relationship-important-we need a foundation to build our house on

4) Identity-important-not only for us but for our youth as well

5) Social-important-humans are social beings and also learn through social interactions Just a waring I love Vygotsky

6) Educators-important-I just feel there is a huge difference between being a "teacher" and being an "educator"

7) Conscientious-important-we should really all be aware and thinking about every possibility

8) Pathologized-no idea, think this like is the right definition....

9) Multiauthorized-important/don't really understand the concept yet. I think it means your life experiences shaped by multiple people which alter/create your perceptions,thoughts, and schema.

10) Coauthoring-important/don't really understand the concept yet. I think it means sharing life experiences which alter/create your perceptions,thoughts, and schema.

Ten People
Mom: caring/antagonistic
Dad: Caring/antagonistic
Grandmother (on moms side): caring
Sister: antagonistic
Jake: indifferent
Zach: indifferent
Aaron: Caring/indifferent
Mr. DiMayo: Caring
Ms. Gosling: Caring

Who I Am Writing About?

My Mom. Is honestly just such a pill. She always had the best intentions but never went about acting on those intentions in the right way. She use to be hard on me when I was in school, argue with me, and honestly just be downright mean sometimes. But, she was usually there when I needed something or she would just tell me to ask grandma. In doing so though I learned a lot. I learned to become more independent, responsible, vocal about my opinions and thought, and how to at least try to stand up for myself. Even if she was a raging bitch to me sometimes she made me into the critical thinker am today.


  1. Hi Dennis,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and your story about your mom being hard on you. I think most moms are hard on their kids because they want their kids to be better than they were.

  2. Hey Dennis!

    Yeah, it's great you became independent too. Yeah, some parents definitely want their kids to think on their own without their influence on them @LaurenStahowiak